Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chris Darden and the Contemptible Truth!

Angry Christopher Darden has given a horrifying second-by-second, blow-by-blow account of how Nicole Simpson was murdered.

The fiery O.J. Simpson prosecutor says he knows Simpson did it - and he still dreams about someday confronting the ex-gridiron great with the truth.

"I want to tell him that I can see inside his heart," says Darden. "That I know what happened."

Darden, who never got the chance to cross-examine Simpson in court, details his shocking account of the murders of Nicole and pal Ron Goldman for the first time in his new book In Contempt.

It is a painstakingly bloody and terrible description of the nightmare which he says happened on the evening of June 12, 1994, outside Nicole's Brentwood condo - told in the exact words Darden wants to use if he ever faces off with Simpson.

Darden says he would tell Simpson how it all began - that a still seething Simpson went to Nicole's home carrying a knife after not being invited to a family dinner celebrating daughter Sydney's dance recital.

"You hit her with your fist, and with the knife handle right on the crown of her head," claims Darden. "Then you grabbed her by the arm and drove the knife deep in to her neck, four times. We've all seen those scenes a hundred times on TV.
"But you knew what to do. You were an actor. You had learned the correct way to kill with a knife: not stab, but draw the knife all the way through."...

"I'll bet you stared at her for a moment, slumped at the bottom of the stairs, as if she'd just fallen asleep. It was her fault, wasn't it? You owned her now. Completely. Forever."

Darden also claims in the book that Simpson was so arrogant after the not guilty verdict was read that he brazenly looked over at the victim's grieving families.

"He'd gotten away with it. He had told Nicole that he could kill her anytime, anyplace, and that he could get away with it. Well, he'd done it."

Star Magazine
April 2 1996

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Standing By Her Man... Simpson, Nicole and THAT Video!

O.J. Simpson is selling a videotape that he claims reveals "his side" of his murder case - and it's sparking a storm of controversy around America.

Simpson's pushing the tape for $29.95. But here for ENQUIRER readers are key word-for-word excerpts from what O.J. has to say on the tape - and an analysis of evidence that refutes his claims.

On the tape Simpson talks about the small quantity of blood found in his Bronco and at his house.

O.J.: "All the blood drops going on the side of Nicole's house toward the alley, blood drops that are on this driveway, the blood-splattered Bronco." (In a mocking tone:) "My blood-spattered home. All of this blood constitutes less than 15 drops of blood. Less than 15 drops!"

But the police source pointed out: "What O.J. hopes people forget is that the police did a test on his Bronco that revealed there had been much more blood in it, but it had been wiped away."

One thing O.J. does NOT mention on the tape is his hunt for "the real killers," which he vowed to launch after his acquittal.

And about that acquittal, a self-assured O.J. has a stunning comment.

R.B.: "It's a tough question, but what do you think Nicole would have said about the verdict that day?"

O.J.: "Nicole would have stood by me."

That's a lie. Nicole was in therapy trying to find a way to get O.J. out of her life once and for all. And just hours before she was murdered, she told Simpson on the phone: "Get lost!"

R.B.: "You can't be real proud of your relationship with Nicole."

O.J.: "Yes I am. Totally proud."

The National Enquirer
March 5 1996

Read the Words and Blame the Victim!
The Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson

Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Last Testament Toward Independence...

The shocking details of Nicole Brown Simpson's last will and testament reveal a woman who knew she was going to die young.
The will also shows Nicole's fall from wealth after her divorce from multimillionaire O.J. Simpson - and her anger at O.J. for the way he treated her.

Nicole signed her fateful do-it-yourself will a mere five weeks before her death. Now STAR is revealing the full contents for the first time.
Nicole's prime possession was the condo on South Bundy Drive - bought with about a half-million dollars of O.J.'s money - first a happy refuge for her children and finally the scene of her murder.

The most stunning fact of the will is not explained in the legal language - but in the fact that Nicole, 35, had a will at all - and that she had written it only weeks before she was murdered.

Insiders say Nicole wrote her will because she knew her life was in danger. 
"She was paralyzed with fear in the last month of her life," says one of her closest friends. "She started to put her affairs in order - and the will was part of it."

Another pal says: "She felt powerless and scared. But writing a will makes you feel better - she was trying to make a step toward independence."

The will is dated May 8, 1994 - in the same month that she and O.J. had their last dramatic showdown. Nicole returned her days-old birthday present, a gem-studded bracelet. "I cannot be bought," she told O.J. on May 24.

On June 12, she and Ron Goldman were dead.

Star Magazine
January 30 1996

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Another Earth Shattering Disclosure...

In an earth-shattering new disclosure, an old football buddy of O.J. Simpson says The Juice confessed he was at the crime scene the night Nicole and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered!

What's more, the friend says O.J. also admitted leaving his footprints, his cap and a trail of other vital evidence in the victims' blood.

But after making his shocking admission to former Miami Dolphin star Eugene "Mercury" Morris, Mercury says O.J. desperately tried to explain it away by saying he stumbled upon Ron and Nicole's bloodied bodies just minutes after they were murdered - and ran because he feared he'd be framed for the grisly crimes!

Now, Mercury, who competed with Juice on the field and partied with him on the town, has decided to reveal the mind-boggling details of what he says is O.J.'s confession in an exclusive GLOBE interview.

"O.J. told me in a slow, steady voice: 'I was there, Mercury, I was there - but I didn't do it. I know it looks like I did it, but man, I didn't. It didn't happen the way everybody says it happened... I cut my hand on the cell phone in the Bronco. For real! I got blood everywhere.
"I didn't cut my hand in Chicago. That was a lie. I cut it in the Bronco.'"

Mercury says Simpson's voice trailed off for a second, leaving him stunned by what he was hearing. "I couldn't believe it," says Mercury. "I reached for a notepad and started taking down notes. I knew this was important...

Globe Magazine 
January 23 1996

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Just One More Murderous Threat!

Faye Resnick, the lesbian lover of tragic Nicole Brown Simpson, has revealed a murderous threat uttered by O.J. only hours after his acquittal.

The chilling scene took place during the home-coming party at Simpson's Brentwood mansion on October 3, says Faye in her new blockbuster, Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm.
Celebrating his freedom, a jubilant Simpson - surrounded by well-wishers - declared: "'There are two people I would like to kill: Denise Brown and Faye Resnick.' Then he drew his fingers across his throat," one shocking passage in the book reveals.

Former cocaine addict Faye, 38, had a brief gay affair with Nicole shortly before the murders of O.J.'s ex-wife and her pal Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994.

Describing O.J.'s threat, she says: "It was made at his coming-out party with a circle of people around him. I have been told by several people the exact words - and gesture - he used.

"Some well-intentioned but naive people assured me I had no reason to fear O.J., but this is a dangerous man who likes to keep his promises.

"The Browns and the Goldmans, as well as myself, have received threats. It's ironic that while a murderer went free, those closest to his victims became prisoners of fear."

O.J. hates Faye, who lived at Nicole's Brentwood condo a week before the murders.

Part of his defense was to claim "the key to the deaths of Nicole and Ron could be found in the drug world that Faye Resnick inhabited."
O.J.'s investigators tried to prove the two victims were slaughtered by assassins searching for Resnick who, they claimed, owed money to Colombian drug barons. But Judge Lance Ito threw out the "drug hit" defense because of lack of evidence.

Globe Magazine 
January 2 1996

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fight or Flight...

O.J. Simpson is set to hightail it out of America to protect his fortune, lawyers close to the new civil cases against him fear.

The fallen football hero faces three suits involving his slain ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her pal, Ron Goldman. If he loses all three, he could go broke. But if he stashes his cash outside the country, he can live like a king, attorneys following the case say.

A lawyer for one of the civil suit plaintiffs vows to follow Simpson to the far corners of the Earth to collect any settlement.
"We will pursue this to the end," says Mike Brewer, who represents Ron Goldman's mother, Sharon Rufo. "If there's a judgement, we will do anything to seize Simpson's assets.
Brewer adds that "it's always possible" that O.J. will flee America.

In addition to Rufo's suit, O.J. is also being hauled into court by the fathers of victims Nicole and Ron Goldman.
In a shrewd legal maneuver, all three have filed "survivor actions," which allows them to go for punitive damages. And if a jury finds Simpson liable for the deaths, they could order him to pay a potentially massive sum, which could wipe him out financially.

Top legal eagle Peter Levin agrees a jury judgement could bleed O.J. dry.
"I think there's a very good chance the jury will come back with big, big numbers," says Levin, a former prosecutor who was a leading analyst of the murder trial.

"If they find Simpson liable, they could take into account his wealth and his potential to earn millions more.
"And if he does flee - or if he refuses to testify - O.J. could be found liable by default."

But that in itself won't satisfy the plaintiffs, who want to Simpson pay through the nose for what they believe was his role in the horrendous crimes.

The National Examiner
November 21 1995

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Getting Away With 'It'... Part One

A SECOND witness has now stepped forward. claiming Kato Kaelin told him that he helped O.J. Simpson dispose of bloody clothing.

During a radio interview, Kato's former pal Klein Al'n claimed Kato confessed to helping O.J. get rid of blood-soaked clothing the night his ex-wife, Nicole, and her pal, Ron Goldman, were brutally butchered.

And a scientific voice stress analysis indicates that Klein was telling the truth, says an expert. 
Klein's charges back up a similarly explosive report by New York newspaper columnist Cindy Adams about statements she said were made by Nicole's neighbor, Jill Shively.

"Two reports now say that Kato told people he found a bloody O.J. in the yard, then helped him undress and dump his stuff. This seems to clear up any mystery about O.J.'s alleged bloody clothes," says veteran former prosecutor and trial analyst Peter Levin.

"If you believe the prosecution, then this explanation also shows why there were no puddles of blood in Simpson's house or yard."

Klein dropped his bombshell allegations while talking to attorney Gloria Allred on KABC radio in Los Angeles...

Klein said in the interview that Kato told him he heard bumps on the wall of his room at Simpson's Rockingham estate on the night of the murders, then walked outside and found O.J. wearing dark clothes covered with blood.

"According to Kato, O.J. was in the process of getting undressed," Klein told Allred.
"After O.J. finished undressing, Kato said he helped take the bloody clothing and put it inside a green plastic bag," Klein claims Kato told him.

Klein claims he eventually told his story to the Los Angeles Police Department. He says he was subpoenaed eight times, but was never called to testify.

The National Examiner Magazine
November 14 1995

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Burden of Guilt...

O.J. Simpson, the most hated man in America, paid a bizarre sneak visit to the grave of his slain wife Nicole - then ran off like a thief in the night after only 30 seconds at her side, without once shedding a tear!

Simpson didn't even bother to bring flowers to the mist-shrouded glen in the California cemetery that has become a shrine to battered women around the world.

Dressed casually in jeans, parka and blue cap, Simpson skulked to the grave in Lake Forest's Ascension Cemetery, knelt briefly, then hurried away - without looking back.

"Don't be surprised by O.J.'s actions," says a close friend of Nicole. "Clearly the burden of guilt was too heavy for him to stay at her grave for any length of time. That's because I believe he put her there!"

"It was early in the morning when I spotted a Jeep coming through the gate," says GLOBE's photographer, who snapped these exclusive photos after an 18-day stakeout. "I could tell his friend A.C. Cowlings was driving..."

Already placed at the grave were a small bouquet of flowers, two individual long-stemmed roses and a small American flag.

Another GLOBE photographer who observed O.J.'s visit says: "You could tell he felt out of place, but what shocked me so much was that he didn't even bring a single rose to put on Nicole's grave.

"It was bad enough it took him almost three weeks to come to the cemetery, but to come without even a flower is shocking. When he left her graveside, he didn't even turn around to take a second look. Nothing!"

Globe Magazine
November 7 1995

Thursday, 31 October 2013

'So Let's Accept Life As It Is...'

Nicole was aware of O.J.'s shortcomings even before they were married.

She knew about his cheating and his use of cocaine. This "letter" discovered in Nicole's diary, was written during the eight years they spent together before their 1985 wedding.

In it, Nicole says she doesn't want to marry O.J. - or have his children.

After all these years together, there are still some things that we have to get straight. One is that you think I want control of you, which is totally wrong - I only want of you, what you, so easily and strongly expect of me...

Secondly, Don't ever tell me that I want everything for myself - That I want a million dollar house etc. - that's total bologna! Because I didn't start that conversation in the first place.

I don't want to marry you. And I don't want a family by you...
so lets just leave you and I as we are - you have cheated on me - and I'll never doubt that - and that's something about you that probably won't change - So lets accept life as it is - I've asked you to work on The Coke - you don't!

That's all - No hard feelings on my part - I've tried. I just think that I try a little harder than you.

The National Enquirer
October 31 1995

*Nicole's spelling and punctuation remains unchanged*

Friday, 25 October 2013

'I Wanted So To Be a Good Wife'

"I wanted to be a wonderful wife!"
Shortly before her tragic murder, Nicole Brown Simpson wrote those haunting words in her secret diary - a chilling document that was hidden away under lock and key until The ENQUIRER obtained it exclusively.

The pages are Nicole's final testament from beyond the grave.

Her diary is filled with heart- wrenching details of the living hell she endured at the hands of O.J. - the brutal physical, emotional and sexual abuse that left her broken and empty.

Anyone reading these pages can feel Nicole's tortured soul as she struggles to deal with O.J.'s infidelity and his abuse, according to attorney Melanie Lomax, who has represented hundreds of battered women.

"This was a classic spouse abuse situation - Nicole was living a nightmare," Lomax declared.
"Her diary is filled with an O.J. who was obsessed, erratic, explosive and crazy with anger. It paints a sad picture of a woman terrorized.

I just don't see how our stories compare - I was so bad because I wore sweats + left shoes around + didn't keep a perfect house or comb my hair the way you liked it - or had dinner ready at the precise moment you walked through the door, or that I just plain got on your nerves sometimes...

I just don't see how that compares to infidelity, wife beating, verbal abuse - I just don't think everybody goes through this.

And if I wanted to hurt you or had it in me to be anything like the person you are - I would have done so after the New Years incident.

But I didnt' even do it then - I called the cops to save my life whether you believe it or not. But I didn't  pursue anything after that - I didn't prosecute. I didn't call the press + didn't make a big charade out of it - I waited for it to die down and asked for it to. But I've never loved you since or been the same...

That O.J. Simpson brought me a lot of pain heartache - I tried so hard with him - I wanted so to be a good wife. But he never gave me a chance.

The National Enquirer
October 25 1995

*Nicole's spelling and punctuation remains unchanged*

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Forgiven and Forgot?

'Please forgive me. I love you more than life itself,' the pal reveals.

It was a 180 degree turn from the way O.J. treated her on New Year's Day 1989. When cops arrived at O.J.'s estate, they found Nicole, clad only in a bra and sweatpants, cowering in the bushes outside.
"He's going to kill me!" she screamed. O.J. was arrested and pleaded no contest to spousal battery.

Afterward, Denise Brown took shocking photos of her sister's smashed face. Nicole should have dumped O.J. then, say pals.
But Nicole told a friend when she showed the photos to her father Lou, he urged her to try to make the marriage work!

"Nicole told me: 'O.J.'s done a lot for my family,'" says pal Faye Resnick, author of Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted. "'They love him. I'm not saying they don't love me. They do. They just love him more.'"

O.J. was banished to a guest house. But by April, Nicole had taken him back.
A month later, he convinced her to go with him to a posh Mexican resort to celebrate her 30th birthday, sources say.

"O.J. was so loving and so much fun," recalls fitness guru Kris, who's divorced from Kardashian and now married to Olympic hero Bruce Jenner.
"It was hard to believe only months earlier, he'd beaten her so badly. They never talked about it and everyone believed it was an isolated incident..."

"I look back to those four wonderful days in Mexico and think: "That was about as perfect as it ever was between O.J. and Nicole.
"What went so horribly wrong?"

Globe Magazine
October 17 1995

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Family Forever Changed...

The family of Nicole Brown Simpson has forever changed.
No longer do they live peacefully in their suburban Dana Point, California, home.

Mother, Juditha, 63, briefly took the stand at the beginning of the trial to establish the beginning of the time line on the night of June 12, 1994. Ron Goldman's presence at Nicole's condo that night was largely considered a coincidence, because he was returning Juditha's reading glasses.

Nicole's older sister, Denise, has turned the purpose of her life to running the nonprofit Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation, set up as an aid in educating people about and eradicating domestic violence.

But the Browns have been mired in scandal...

During the days immediately after the double murders, Nicole's family was tight-lipped about declaring a belief in O.J.'s guilt. In fact, at the beginning, they denied any existence of domestic violence between O.J. and Nicole.
The family has even been accused of profiting from and abusing the media with their new found attention.

Furthermore, when O.J and Nicole's children, Sydney and Justin, appeared in countless magazines at their mother's grave, the public was curious - why would the Browns allow such a tender and private moment to be splashed across magazine covers?

None of this is true, insists the Brown family. They are reluctant celebrities, victims of a heinous crime that shifted them into the limelight.

Suzanne Ely
O.J. Simpson Trial of the Century
(LFP Inc) 1995

Thursday, 3 October 2013

'October 3 1995' Justice Denied!

"You won't know the worst that happened to Nicole Brown Simpson in her marriage, because she is dead and cannot tell you.
And if she were alive, remember, you wouldn't believe her"
Andrea Dworkin

On Tuesday October 3 1995 and after nine months of testimony, 120 witnesses, 45,000 pages of evidence and 1,100 exhibits and a deliberation of less than four hours, a jury of ten women and two men returned a verdict of "Not Guilty" to the charge that O.J. Simpson had murdered Nicole and Ronald Goldman on Sunday June 12 1994.

Failed by the mistakes that occurred during the police murder investigation and the racism of Mark Fuhrman; media saturation and the erroneous reporting, the self-interest of some of the witnesses, the legal posturing and the "DNA Conspiracy Theory", Nicole was also failed by a jury who chose not believe her earlier words of despair:

"He's going to kill me, he's going to kill me"

Nineteen years later and I can still recall hearing that verdict on my car radio as I drove from York with my family on a cold, dark afternoon with a feeling that some dreadful injustice had occurred.

Nicole was a victim of domestic violence, abused and battered by the man she loved during their life together and despite his repeated declarations of love and his regret at having hurt her in the past, I also believe that on Sunday June 12 1994, he murdered her.

Tee Bylo
Sources Used:
Life and Death Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War against Women Andrea Dworkin (Virago Press 1997)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shameful Ignorance?

Embattled Marcus Allen, shamed by his forbidden romance with Nicole Brown Simpson tried to kill himself with a lethal mixture of booze and pills, shocked pals charge.
Just weeks ago, Marcus' wife Kathy discovered the football hero collapsed on a couch during a vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, insiders say.

The Kansas City Chief's star running back's lawyer Ed Hookstratten denied the story, telling GLOBE: "I've known Marcus Allen since he was 17 years old and he doesn't take sedatives and he doesn't drink alcohol. He's a superb athlete in the National Football League and hasn't done anything like that."

But close family sources insist that Allen, 35, did try to kill himself in July - shortly after O.J.'s lawyers failed to subpoena him as a key defense witness, about his affair with Nicole.

"This was a time of high tension for Marcus. All of his old friends were alienated from him because he refused to testify on O.J.'s behalf. Sugar Ray Leonard, the boxer, doesn't want to know him. Al Cowlings ignores him."

O.J.'s dream team attorney had wanted Allen to tell the jury that Simpson forgave him for making love to Nicole to show O.J. was not insanely jealous as painted by prosecutors.

Globe Magazine
September 26 1995

Thursday, 19 September 2013

In Pursuit of the 'Official' Story

Convinced that he is about to be set free by the jury, O.J. Simpson has launched an all-out campaign to restore his multimillion -dollar fortune and to clear his name.

The 48-year-old sports legend doesn't feel a bit guilty about cashing in on the tragic murders, says a source close to O.J.'s business operations.
"He's told his people: 'I'm going to make every dollar I can. I didn't do anything wrong, but my life has been wrecked and I've been through hell.'" says the source.

The insider says O.J. plans to use as much of his windfall as necessary to get revenge on the drug world assassins who the defense says may have been after Nicole's pal, Faye Resnick, and killed Nicole, instead."

The football star - who became convinced he'll be acquitted when the notorious Mark Fuhrman tapes surfaced - has vowed to use every legal means to nail the "real" killers.

National Examiner
September 19 1995

Thursday, 12 September 2013

'Speaking the Truth...'

Mark McCaleb worked with (Mark) Fuhrman for eight years and is speaking out because he says his former partner is being misunderstood from the highly publicized taped interviews he did with a screenwriter...

The defense in the O.J. case wants to use the tapes to show Fuhrman is a racist since he used racial slurs against blacks when telling his stories. 
But McCaleb said, "Mark is the farthest thing from a racist a person could be. When it comes to police work, Mark didn't see a person's color, he saw good guys and bad guys."

McCaleb noted that Fuhrman got along great with a black woman officer; Toish Ellerson, who was assigned to work with them. "Later we came to believe she was a plant for Internal Affairs. They were always looking for racist cops in the mostly white West L.A. division where we worked," said McCaleb.

"There are members on the force who are racist but Mark Fuhrman isn't one of them."

 National Enquirer Magazin
September 12 1995